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Since 1994, Correpar Brazil has been dedicated to trading, exporting, and agricultural information, aiming to offer safe and reliable business through statistical information. Today we export products such as Beans, Sesame, Peanuts and other Special crops


An active member of the Mercantile Exchange, monitoring and ensuring negotiations through contracts between producers and exporters. We participate in national merchandise auctions.


We are part of the World Pulse Confederation represented by GPC, with our director, Marcelo Luders, as an executive member. GPC represents all segments of the pulse industry's value chain, from producers, researchers, logistics providers, traders, exporters, and importers to government agencies, multilateral organizations, processors, canners, and consumers. Its members include 24 national associations and more than 600 members from the private sector.


We have a partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Beans,Pulses and Special Crops, by participating annually in the Brazilian Forum of Dry Beans, Pulses and Special Crops as well as in several actions in favor of the production chain as a whole. Ibrafe works on behalf of the entire production chain actively with the Government, Associations, Producers, Packers, Machine companies, seed technology, and now the future of Pulses Plant Protein.

Our Products

Adzuki beans

(vigna angularis) are small, red and rounded.

Red Bamboo Beans

Adzuki class (vigna angularis) are red, in a more elongated and thinner shape, known as rice beans too.

Black Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) are black, small and reniform beans.

Carioca Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) are beige with brown stripes. The beans may have more rounded or even longer shapes.

Small Red Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) are red and rounded oval beans, ranging from shades of pink to red.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) The name is given due to the kidney shape. The color is dark red, and they have a firm and shiny texture.

Cranberry Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) also known as Borlotti Beans, are light cream color beans with intense reddish spots and even black stripes. The beans have more rounded shape.

Light Speckled Kidney Beans

(Phaseolus vulgaris) are beige in color and display stripes in shades of pink or even dark red. Also known as Sugar Beans because of a slightly sweet taste.

Green Mung Beans

(Vigna radiata L.) are small and rounded and their color is predominantly green.

Brown Eyed Beans

(Vigna Unguiculata) have a smooth skin, light beige color and brown halo.

Black Eyed Beans

(Vigna unguiculata) are a variety of brown eyed beans of white class. They have a slightly rough tegument, and well outlined halo in black color.


(Vigna unguiculata) a variety of brown eyed beans. They are divided into several subclasses. They are of similar colors ranging from beige to red. The beans are smaller than brown eyed beans.


(zea mays) or pop corn is a variety of yellow corn kernel, which forcefully expands and puffs up when heated, being able to expand, to 20 to 50 times its original volume.

Sesame seeds

(Sesamum indicum) Seeds are small and flat, and their color can vary from white, shades of yellow to black.


(Arachis hypogaea) also known as the groundnut, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds.


03 de May de 2022

The NIR technology was developed to meet the demands of the analysis for various segments such as soils, fertilizers, and grains, among other products.

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8th National Beans and Special Harvests forum
03 de May de 2022

Correpar participated as a sponsor of the 8th Brazilian Forum of Dry Beans, Pulses and Special Crops, an event held by IBRAFE (The Brazilian Institute of Beans, Pulses and Special crops).

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